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Welcome to the Fattie Rage LJ community! We are happy that you found us. The goal of our community is to provide a safe space for persons to express their rage about fatphobia. When posting, please keep this goal in mind; all posts should contain some kind of rant about fatphobia.

Membership is currently moderated. Before requesting membership, please read the rules thoroughly and make sure you understand them. We will look at your current entries and userinfo when determining whether to approve your membership request. If you are denied membership, you may email the mods requesting that we re-evaluate. If you can clearly articulate why you'd like to be part of this comm, you will most likely then be allowed in.


1. Please be considerate of others when structuring your posts. Put long rants, pictures, etc. under LJ-cuts. Use cuts and trigger warnings (e.g. for domestic violence or eating disorder triggers) where appropriate. Keep in mind that LJ allows people to customize their friends page views, so use the html defaults for posting (size, color, etc.) and only use basic html enhancements (e.g. italicizing, bolding, underlining).

2. Please get permission from the moderators before posting polls, memes, quizzes, or other similar items. If you post a link, be sure to include your own rant about the issue as well (and a short paraphrase of the linked content is always appreciated for the time-constrained!)

3. Comments must be enabled for all posts. Do not delete posts or comments. Only edit posts and comments for clarifying purposes or to fix errors.

4. Because the goal of this community is to create a safe space, debate is really not appropriate here. If you see an inappropriate post or comment, feel free to contact the mods. Comment threads that degenerate into arguments are likely to receive mod notes or possibly even mod warnings.

5. The safe space of this community is primarily created for fat people, but fatphobic comments aren't the only ones that will not be tolerated. Sexism, racism, classism, ablism, homophobia, transphobia, and any other silencing and disempowering attitudes toward minority groups will not be allowed.


We at fattie_rage affirm the Health At Every Size movement.

Members who are dieting or actively attempting to lose weight are welcome to post rants about fatphobia, but please keep in mind that in order to maintain a fat-positive and ED-trigger-free safe space, the following rule will be strongly enforced: Any language, discussion, or topics that portray dieting or weight loss in a positive light and/or encouraging dieting behavior and weight loss as a goal will not be allowed. A diet, for the purposes of this community, will be defined as: a plan to reduce caloric intake and/or types of foods for the express purpose of lowering one's body weight (even if other goals, such as health, are present or even primary). Examples, then, of acceptable and unacceptable talk related to dieting are:

Acceptable: "I'm so effing frustrated that there is so much societal pressure to diet! I was sitting there in my office staff room eating delicious leftover lasagna with a bunch of other women drinking diet soda and eating these low-calorie granola bar things and suddenly I felt guilty... I shouldn't have to feel guilty for eating a nourishing and filling lunch, dammit!"

Unacceptable: "So I'm in my second month of Weight Watchers and I haven't lost any weight!! Grr!"

Comments encouraging weight loss or dieting will receive a mod note or a mod warning, at the discretion of the mod(s) based on severity and intent. Posts encouraging weight loss or dieting will be deleted and the poster will receive a mod warning.


1. spokenonlyonce and giniliz are the moderators of this community. We can be reached at fattieragemods@gmail.com for questions, comments, etc. Do not under any circumstances try to contact the mods at their personal LJ's with correspondence about this community.

2. Violations of the above rules will result in mod notes or mod warnings at the discretion of the moderator(s) based on severity and intent (keep in mind that ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse!). The third mod warning will automatically result in a ban. The moderators may ban persons before three warnings, however, on a discretionary basis for particularly severe infractions.


If you would like more information about obesity, fat, and health, or the HAES movement, the following links may help you get started. Please feel free to email the mods with links you'd like added to this list! Also please feel free to email mods with other interests you'd like to see added to the "interests" list. I'd love for this info page to become a directory of fat-friendly resources :)

Linda Bacon (http://www.lindabacon.org/LindaBaconResources.html)
First, Do No Harm (http://www.jonrobison.net/size.html)
Fat Acceptance Stuff (http://www.casagordita.com/fatacc.htm)
Big Fat Facts (http://bigfatfacts.com/)
The Body Positive (http://www.thebodypositive.org/)
ISAA (http://www.size-acceptance.org/)
NAAFA (http://www.naafa.org)


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