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pandoradeloeste in fattie_rage

Dear Feministe mods:

Re: your recent royal frak-up (TW for fat shaming) and your decidedly tepid response:

The point

Your heads

The resulting responses are nice and affirming, but it frames fat acceptance as a debate, with two opposing sides and middle ground for compromise. As a result, now we still have people arguing utterly useless and derailing arguments like "butbutbut it's all about heeeeeaaaaalth!"

There aren't two sides to a question of whether to treat everyone like a human being worthy of respect and dignity. If you think there are, or if you insist on framing an issue as if there are, you have no business running a site that calls itself a safe space.

Supposedly at some point there's going to be a post about being nice to the guest posters, inspired by the angry comments to the original post. I am so not thrilled about being told to be nice to someone who is clearly not interested in returning the favor, but in telling me to put down the baby-flavored doughnuts and exercise. I'm really disappointed in the mods for not vetting the guest poster more thoroughly, and for insisting that she was acting in good faith.


I've been following this a bit, and found my way over to a podcast where Monica apparently defends herself and shows that she hasn't really listened to any of the critiques of her post (I say "apparently" because I have no desire--or plan--to listen to it). I did, however, read the comments, and in them Lauren talks about how she is the only mod "anywhere near" the internet right now. So it will be interesting to see if anything happens with this once the mods are all back and make any decision together.

Lauren also makes it pretty darn clear that she's in agreement with Monica and is uncomfortable with the idea that Feministe is allied with the FA movement. Yay! I have taken Feministe off my reader. Whether or not that's a permanent move depends on whether/how the mods as a team respond to all this, because Lauren has shown herself to be a fatphobic bigot, so I have no interest in reading while she's the only mod.

Here's the link to that podcast and its comments, if you want to read yourself: http://www.postbourgie.com/2010/09/07/postbourgie-the-podcast-9-the-notorious-b-m-i/
I <3 you and agree with your rant as much as it is humanly possible. That is all.

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