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Philadelphia smirk

hopita in fattie_rage

Boycott Whole Foods!

This just in: Whole Foods will be charging fat employees more for their groceries than their thinner coworkers. Hey Whole Foods -- Fuck you!

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Well, fie on them. I was going to go there to get supplies to make gluten-free desserts for coworkers - not anymore. Berkeley Bowl for me!
Fuck you to Whole Foods indeed!

My local co-op and Trader Joe's are going to be seeing more of my business!
So...the best thing to cure people of their evil evil fattie ways is to make them pay more for healthy organic food? Okaaaay.
seriously, none of their business.

Fuck Whole Foods! What bullshit.
The thing that kills me is that there doesn't seem to be even a facade of altruism or kind-hearted-ness. It's not just "lose weight for your health!" (as offensive and misguided as that would still be), it's "lose weight so your healthcare costs us less money!!"

Manages to be offensive, misguided, AND avaricious.
And crap science to boot! Whether or not you believe people can control their weight by permanent restrictive diets (can't say that I do), high cholesterol is not always produced by diet or lifestyle. My best mate has very high cholesterol though she ticks all the other "health nazi" boxes - average weight for her height, doesn't smoke or drink etc. You can't argue with your genetics. This policy is clearly aimed at clawing back money from employees with health problems, "self-inflicted" or otherwise. I hope they get boycotted into bankruptcy!

Anyway, I want to know, how do you police a scheme like this? The admin costs will surely outweigh any miniscule savings to the company on insurance premiums. How often are people tested to make sure they haven't been hoeing into the mars bars on the sly? Will there be weekly weigh-ins complete with public humiliation of employees whose discount gets downgraded? Stupid AND discriminatory. What a way to run a business.
I think it's hilarious that they think skinny people use less health care. I know several rail-thin hypochondriacs who bleed their insurance companies dry.

April 2012

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