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arielgirl in fattie_rage

i dont even know what to say anymore

I printscreened my myspace homepage because this ad was on it. Even though I (or we) are bombarded every day with ads like this telling us how "wrong" we are, this one still shocked me.

No one who looks like the above should ever be losing 44 pounds. Now I realize the two pics are probably of totally different people. But seriously, I would rather look like the before to be completely honest, because frankly the second one looks like a boy. I mean she has awesome stomach definition and curves! This is ridiculous. Plus I have had a crappy self image day. After weeks of feeling good about myself because I stopped eating fast food and started eating healthier (ie. not eating as much junk food and fast food, and just eating "normal" food...I am NOT dieting!), I went and bought a bathroom scale. I actually didn't care if I had a working one, but my husband was wanting a new one because he's on some stupid diet and wants to weight himself. So of course, being a moron, I get on it, and ruin an otherwise good day I was having. Scales should be outlawed and only used in doctor's offices!

Btw, a new season of How To Look Good Naked has started on Lifetime! :D


Agreed completely. #1 looks lovely and curvy, and I don't think she'd even HAVE an extra 44 pounds to lose.
Fighting dicrimination and hate with more discrimination (the second one looks like a boy) isn't really helping anything. We should accept everyone's bodies as they are (even boyish women).

Secondly, cheer up! You are the same person you were before you knew how many pounds you include, just a little more informed about yourself. ;)
I meant I honestly think it *is* a boy, because I can see a nipple on the right.

April 2012

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