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Even supernanny is fat!

Alright, so I have worked in childcare for about three years, and I absolutely hate the daycare system and I'm trying to look for one family to work for. So I went to register on nannies4hire.com. You have to fill out a profile etc., which families can look through. Anyway, I get through the first page of questions and on the next at the top it asks for your height and weight. Why is that relevant to being a nanny? Unless I am so obese I cannot leave my bed, but if that were the case I highly doubt I would be trying to get a nanny job. What difference does how tall I am make unless I am a little person and need special accomodations? You know what? Fat people have children!! I know that is horrifying that they are passing on their fat genes to another generation, but as of yet it is not against the law for fat people to procreate. Therefore, I am pretty sure fat people can care for children. Luckily it wasn't a mandatory question. But still, why would you even care about that if you were looking for a nanny? Wouldn't your main concern be their experience and background? It just completely blew my mind. Needless to say, I did not answer the question!


That is quite amazing.

I guess a lot of people are so inculturated with the idea tht these are good questions to ask, that they don't even think about it.
You know, I wish I didn't think this, but it feels like the question is for people who think the hired help are fair game for screwing.
I thought that too! lol.
Yeah, but fat people shouldn't procreate, because that means they have to have sex, and everyone knows that fat people having sex is iiiiiicky.


The cynical part of me (which is, um, most of me) is inclined to agree with botia about the reasoning of that question, though. Which makes it degrading not just towards fat women, but towards women in general.
Yeah I agree. They also have an option to upload a picture of yourself. Whatever.
You might look into the legality of that question. If it's only a listing service, there's probably not much you can do but do they ask for race, religion, sexual orientation, etc?
That is friggen illegal. Bastards.

April 2012

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