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Apr. 14th, 2012

crossing fingers (i used to do this)


Biochemist studies metabolism and obesity


I figured that people in this comm would appreciate this article about Barbara Corkey and her research in metabolism.

Feb. 24th, 2012

Occupy Times Square


x-posted from my own journal:

Because last night's post seems to have struck a chord, I wanted to talk a bit more about fat, fat shaming, and the old trope of hiding behind so-called "health concerns" to cover up plain old-fashioned looksism.

I started to deconstruct the awfulness that is this poster, but let's talk about it some more:

The poster says "Portions have grown. So has obesity, which can lead to many health problems." First of all, there's the word "can." "[O]besity ... can lead to many health problems." Not that it does, mind you. Just that it can. You know what else can lead to health problems? Being underweight. Or being a so-called "normal" weight, but eating nothing but crap.

Which leads me to the assumptions that this ad makes, with its imagery of fast food french fries and an extra large woman, climbing the stairs. One of my previous commenters categorized her as an "overweight [person] being miserable on a subway staircase." If you can't see her face, how do you know she's miserable? Hint: It's because that ad is seeking to perpetuate exactly that stereotype -- that fat equals unhealthy.

It makes me think about the recent story about the British teenager whose diet consisted solely of McNuggets. To quote from the article I just linked:

... According to the Mail, Irvine has suffered from breathing problems, anemia, and inflamed veins due to her diet., and recently was rushed to the hospital after she collapsed...

It's also inspired timely commentary from health "experts." Last week, a PR agency pitched me a story pegged to Irvine's collapse. A "weight loss specialist" could be made available to "comment on the dangers of Stacey's addiction" and "speak to the dangers of childhood obesity." The doctor in question has "specialized in the study and treatment of Bariatric Medicine" and has "directed the operation of multiple Weight Loss Centers."

Thanks, but according to the gratuitous Daily Mail glamour shots, Irvine is thin. Her health problems are not related to obesity, and they won't be solved by stapling her stomach. Yet we're so culturally hardwired to believe that unhealthy equals fat and vice versa that even photographic evidence (full-body photographs of Irvine were attached to the PR email) isn't enough to break the habit.

Wait ... what?!? Eating nothing but McNuggets did cause health problems, but didn't cause obesity? Why, it's almost as if what mattered was her diet, and not her appearance!

The NYC Health Department has another ad campaign, this one targeting daily caloric intake. It's certainly a much better campaign that the Portion Size campaign, although I still think it falls short of the mark.

Who here remembers the movie Super Size Me? Quick show of hands: Who thinks the culprit to Morgan Spurlock's deteriorating health was probably the incredibly low quality of McDonald's "food"? If it doesn't decompose, it shouldn't be considered food.

So while I'm glad to see a campaign that doesn't resort to fat shaming, I still think that the Caloric Intake campaign misses the mark. Have you heard of The Vermont Prison Study? In a nutshell, participants in the study were fed 10,000 calories a day. "Researchers were surprised during the “fattening up” portion of the study when they found that some of the inmates couldn’t gain more than 18% of their body weight, even when eating 10,000 calories a day." Ten thousand calories a day, and they still couldn't make skinny people fat.

Maybe it's because a person's size has to do with not only diet and activity level but also age, and metabolism, and genetics, and probably other factors too. Good luck shaming somebody out of their genetics.

Oct. 12th, 2011

Matcha Hand


Chris Christie.

If I hear one more Chris Christie fat joke, I think I'm gonna scream.

He's fat. We know. Why is that supposed to be funny? And even if it were particularly funny, everyone else has already made the joke like 7,000,000 times. It's tired. It's played out. Move the fuck on already.

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Jul. 26th, 2011

crossing fingers (i used to do this)


oh "yay"

"Over the next few months, NPR's series Living Large: Obesity In America will explore what it means to live in a nation where one in three adults is obese. The crisis affects tens of millions of people and is altering daily life in fundamental ways. NPR will report from the factory floor, the office cubicle, the school cafeteria, the airport and the doctor's office. And since soaring obesity rates are in large part a phenomenon of recent decades, our reporting will seek to examine how we got to this point.

We'll examine how the nation is changing to accommodate its obese population and the ethical implications of these accommodations. We'll look at the economics of obesity on individuals, employers and society and take the story across the nation to examine obesity in the workplace, in popular culture and fashion. And we'll also report on "acceptance movement" that demands an end to size discrimination."

I can't wait for NPR's special form of arrogant concern trolling about the "War on Obesity."

Hell, I'm an NPR listener, I like their news reporting, but any time they report on gay rights, "obesity," or trans issues they fucking screw the pooch of fail.

Jul. 8th, 2011

reading porn


Story about working on fat acceptance

I figure some people on here would be interested in this.

Fetish and armor
By marke
Created 07/05/2011 - 5:39pm

"I felt so much more powerful in those impossible heels, tits pushed up and out, cleavage for days..."

culture@sfbg.com [1]

LUST FOR LIFE The year I was 16, I wore nothing but thrift shop vintage lingerie. As outerwear. I'd layer two slips or two half-slips on top of each other so they wouldn't be quite as see-through and clomp around in impossibly high heels. I bought my actual underwear from the Victoria's Secret at the mall when they had their blowout sales. There and at places like Forever 21 — flashy, clubby, and cheap.


rest of article hereCollapse )

Sep. 11th, 2010

wedding pic


idiotic, on Shine/Yahoo

Today I saw an ok article on Fashion week about the Plus Size Show- apparently its a big deal that there was a plus size fashion show during Fashion Week- First One Ever.

Well, the ad next to the article? for Lap Band surgery. AAAARGH!


Here's the article. However the ad is no longer there. Maybe they took it off, or maybe it's rotating.

(or maybe it's pining for the fjords).

Sep. 10th, 2010

activism, bash in minds


Dear Feministe mods:

Re: your recent royal frak-up (TW for fat shaming) and your decidedly tepid response:

The point

Your heads

The resulting responses are nice and affirming, but it frames fat acceptance as a debate, with two opposing sides and middle ground for compromise. As a result, now we still have people arguing utterly useless and derailing arguments like "butbutbut it's all about heeeeeaaaaalth!"

There aren't two sides to a question of whether to treat everyone like a human being worthy of respect and dignity. If you think there are, or if you insist on framing an issue as if there are, you have no business running a site that calls itself a safe space.

Supposedly at some point there's going to be a post about being nice to the guest posters, inspired by the angry comments to the original post. I am so not thrilled about being told to be nice to someone who is clearly not interested in returning the favor, but in telling me to put down the baby-flavored doughnuts and exercise. I'm really disappointed in the mods for not vetting the guest poster more thoroughly, and for insisting that she was acting in good faith.

Aug. 9th, 2010



What? Barbie promoting unrealistic body images?! Say it ain't so!

So, I have a huge crush on Christina Hendricks.  True story.  Ever since she played YoSaffBridge on "Firefly".  In fact, I have never seen one single episode of "Mad Men", so "Firefly" is all I have to go by.  So, when I saw this, I was especially infuriated...

Voluptuous actress Christina Hendricks has been immortalised by the makers of Barbie – as a stick-thin, size-zero doll.

And the move has been criticised by a leading dietician as another alarming example of children being encouraged to conform to ideals which do not exist.

Miss Hendricks, 35 – who plays sassy secretary Joan Harris in the hit TV series Mad Men – was recently described by Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone as being a role model and having the ‘ideal shape’ that British women should aspire to.  [Note: I do not actually agree with this statement.  Women should aspire to whatever makes them feel beautiful, whether that be a size 4, 14 or 24.  Some women have curves, some women do not.  Women should aspire to be themselves, not some one else.]

But instead of promoting the fuller, hour-glass figure of size 14 Miss Hendricks, Mattel has produced a flat-chested and skinny-hipped doll version of her TV character.

Dietician Sion Porter, an expert in healthy eating at the British Dietetic Association, said: ‘Lynne Featherstone is absolutely right to highlight Miss Hendricks as an example of a perfectly healthy body shape and weight, and she looks stunning.  [Note: Again, not so much with the agreeing.  Health comes in all sizes.  Though, I do agree with the "she looks stunning" part.]

'There is no reason a size 14 can’t be healthy and attractive, so it’s sad and alarming that toy manufacturers can’t represent this.

‘When young girls aspire to look like magazine photographs, or in this case toys, they are trying to achieve the impossible because the images have been heavily airbrushed.’

A spokesman for Mattel said the proportions were not intended to represent Miss Hendricks’s real-life figure. He said: ‘The Mad Men dolls are styled to capture the aesthetics of the show.’

Bullshit, Mattel.

Let's take a look at the gorgeous Ms. Hendricks, shall we?

Now, let's look at the Barbie meant to "represent" her:

Seriously?  Seriously?!  I mean, I know it's Barbie and everything, but seriously?!

Fuck you, Mattel.  You had an amazing chance to break away from decades of promoting unhealthy, unrealistic body images and you fucking failed.

(x-posted to feminist_rage  )

Jun. 6th, 2010

mst3k lj


I fear....


Funny, heartbreaking and provocative, Huge follows the lives of seven teens and the staff at a weight-loss camp, as they look beneath the surface to discover their true selves and the truth about each other.

In Huge, Nikki Blonsky will portray Willamina, a teen whose sardonic and rebellious nature make her a menace to some and revolutionary to others. Additional cast include Zander Eckhouse as George, Harvey Guillen as Alistair, Ari Stidham as Ian, Ashley Holliday as Chloe and Hayley Hasselhoff as Amber.

Huge, based on author Sasha Paley's book of the same name from Alloy Entertainment, is being developed by Winnie Holzman (Wicked, My So-Called Life, Once & Again) and daughter Savannah Dooley. Holzman will serve as executive producer as will Kim Rozenfeld (American High), while Dooley will serve as producer on the series. Alloy Entertainment’s Leslie Morgenstein and Bob Levy (Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries), will also serve as executive producers; Robin Schiff (Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion and ABC Family’s 10 Things I Hate About You) will serve as a consulting producer.

Jan. 27th, 2010

Philadelphia smirk


Boycott Whole Foods!

This just in: Whole Foods will be charging fat employees more for their groceries than their thinner coworkers. Hey Whole Foods -- Fuck you!

x-posted like whoa

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